Broadband done right!

We offer Full Fibre broadband and Wi-Fi 6 technology powered by Amazon’s eero – the perfect pair for home coverage everywhere you need it. 

Total Speed

We deliver Full Fibre directly to your premises, and with our eero router and speeds ranging from 100Mb to 2Gb, you’ll say goodbye to buffering and hello to seamless streaming throughout your home. 

Connect up to 75 devices and enjoy fibrefast speeds without any interruptions. 

Total Home Wi-Fi

Our Total Home Wi-Fi guarantee ensures you’ll get Wi-Fi everywhere you need it around the home with our Full Fibre 500 package and above. 

No more dead spots, drop-offs and buffering. Just a connection you can count on.

Total Control

Wi-Fi controls made easy. With the super simple eero App, you’re in control of your connection.

From parental controls to content filter options, you’re in control of what your family sees, and when.


How do we compare?

Information correct at point of collation May 2024

When you switch to Fibrus, you’ll get:


Local Support

If you ever need support, our local customer service team will get it sorted.


No Price Hikes

Your price will never go up mid-contract. Simple.


Contract Buyout

If you’re still under contract, don’t worry! We can buyout your existing contract.


All our residential packages include...

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  • Free Activation
  • Free Installation
  • Free Wireless Router*
  • Free Engineer Visit
  • Contract Buy Out Available

* Router remains the property of Fibrus and should be returned on contract termination.

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  • Unlimited downloads
  • 100% UK based support
  • No mid contract price hikes
  • Option to keep your existing landline number for free with a Fibrus call package

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  • Additional eero 6+ - £7.99 per month
  • Additional eero Pro6E - £9.99 per month
  • Fibrus Talk - £9.99 per month

(UK and ROI landlines, mobiles and voicemail. All other calls standard rates apply)

Questions on your mind? Let’s clear them up!


What can I do with the eero mobile app?

Downloading the eero Mobile App means puts complete control of your Full Fibre broadband right in your pocket! With the app, you can: 

  • Create profiles for each device, allowing you to schedule downtime, or apply content filters based on age range or specific sites. 
  • Set up guest networks easily and share them with visitors 
  • Monitor real-time activity and manage your network settings effortlessly 

For more information on the above features, please visit our eero mobile app download help section. 

How do I set up my eero app?

After you’ve downloaded the eero mobile app, and upon the first time you open it, you’ll be prompted to create an eero account through a guided setup process. 

  1. Open the eero mobile app and tap “New to eero?” button. 
  2. Log in with your existing Amazon account or create a new eero account with your email or phone. 
  3. If creating a new account, enter in the verification code sent via SMS or email. 
  4. Create an account. 

Make sure you have the following to get started: A smartphone with a data connection, the eero mobile app and at least one eero router. For full details about installation please click here. 

How do I create profiles on the eero app?

Creating profiles for members of your household and associate specific devices to each profile allows you to personalise everyone’s Wi-Fi experience and monitoring network data usage by profile. To create a profile: 

  1. Tap on the + in the top right corner 
  2. Select Add a Profile from the pop-up menu 
  3. Add a profile name 

How do I set up guest networks on the eero app?

Creating guest networks allows you to have visitors access your home Wi-Fi while also protecting your own network security. To active guest networks: 

  1. Tap on Settings tab 
  2. From the menu, select Guest Access 
  3. To enable your guest network, toggle Guess Access to On 
  4. Note: you can easily turn the guest network off by toggling Off in the same section as step 3. The users on the network will lose their access once you toggle this off 

Once you have created a guest network with a unique name and password, the details of this can easily be shared via Share Wi-Fi Details or Share QR code. 

How do I set up parental control?

Setting up paternal controls not only builds healthier Wi-Fi habits but can also help you focus on important tasks. 

  1. From the Home tab, tap the profile or devise for which you want to set a schedule. 
  2. Select Add a Scheduled Pause. 
  3. Update the schedule name, start time, end time and frequency for the scheduled pause, then tap Save. 

We also offer eero Secure for free, allowing you to set up further capabilities. 

What are the benefits of eero Secure?

eero Secure allows you to apply content filters based on age range to block inappropriate content for any member of your family. You also can block specific sites, like YouTube, by a user profile. 

eero Secure also provides ad blocking and advanced security capabilities to prevent malicious content, phishing, or other nasties. 

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