Power for my Fibrus equipment

Fibrus will fit an Optical Termination Unit (ONT) to an inside wall of your homeThe ONT will require one power socket (UK standard – type G)The eero router will require a second power socket (UK standard – type G)If you are also purchasing Fibrus Talk, the ATA device requires a power socketTherefore, if you need a third power socket, please ensure you can provide this on the day of installation.  

Additional ethernet ports to for wired devices

The eero router has two ethernet ports, one is used to connect with the ONT, and the other port to connect to a device, this could be a desktop, TV or stereoIf you also have Fibrus Talk, the Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) will use the remaining port on the eeroTherefore, if you need any further ports, we recommend purchasing a 5 port ethernet switch to provide 5 additional portsAn example of a device suitable can be found here.  Due to the high quality Wi-Fi 6 provided by the eero routers, there should be limited need to cable devices to your eero router. 

Installation booking & rescheduling an appointment

When you are placing your order, we will gather as much information as we can to pass to our specialist planning team, who will refine the plans and organise for the work to go ahead. If the work is more complex due to distance to the road or accessibility issues, it is likely a surveyor will visit your property to survey the surrounding equipment and agree a solution and route with you. 

However, we will let you know if any checks are required as part of your order and will take care of any arrangements that need to be made. Once these checks have been completed, we will get in touch to confirm your installation date. 

If there is likely to be any delays, we will always keep you informed and aim to get you set you up as quickly as we can. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact our Customer Services team on 028 9099 3230 and we can help find a more suitable time slot. 

How long is the installation process? 

The average time to get your service set up and activated is 10 days for properties in urban areas and 20 days for properties in rural areas with no network issues. However, this is subject to various conditions. Sometimes an engineer may need to run a few checks or survey your property to see if there is any additional work needed to get your connection set up. Depending on the complexity of work required, your installation may take longer. 

We will let you know if any checks are required as part of your order and will take care of any arrangements that need to be made. Once these checks have been completed, we will get in touch to confirm your installation date. If there is likely to be any delays, we will keep you informed and aim to get you set up as quickly as we can. 

What is involved? 

Every installation is different depending on the complexity of work to be conducted. However, your installation engineer will talk to you about any work that is required before it is carried out. If your property requires additional work, a surveyor may visit your property and determine the best route. This may be overhead from a nearby telegraph pole or underground in an existing viable duct.

If additional poles or civil engineering work is required, this may be carried out prior to your installation date and this may cause delays to your installation. Also, if your cable runs underground in an existing duct, we may have to carry out excavation work around your property. We aim to make this as unobtrusive as possible, and we will reinstate this to a high standard. However, there may be slight differences in surface coatings due to age and previous wear and tear.

On the day of your installation 

An engineer will visit your property within the confirmed time slot we have given you to install the new line. Someone over the age of 18 (who can agree route and completion of install) will need to be home for the appointment slot as well as a few hours after in case your engineer arrives towards the end of the slot. 

A cable that connects you to our Full Fibre network will be fitted on the outside of your property. A small hole will be drilled on the outside of your home to connect this cable to the powered wall mounted unit inside your home. 

A wall mounted ONT will be installed in your home and connected to your router. The ONT and router will need to be close to each other. Your router will also need to be placed near a power socket.  Once connected, the engineer will test the connection using one of your devices. 

Tips on the best location for your router

✅ Keep your eero router on show. Avoid hiding it in a cupboard or on the floor, where the Wi-Fi signal will be obstructed. 

Keep your eero router up high. Mount it high on the wall or on the top shelf to get a better signal. 

Disconnect any devices that you aren’t using. 

Avoid placing near walls. Think about the position of your eero router to reduce the number of walls slowing down your signal. If you can eliminate even one wall between your device and the router, you will drastically improve performance. 

Avoid placing your eero router near a window. Your router broadcasts Wi-Fi in all directions and half of your signal will go outside, rather than inside your home. 

Avoid placing your eero router behind your TV or near metal objects, as they can reflect and disperse the signal. 

Avoid bending or tightly winding up cables, as this can damage the cables and impact your signal. 

If your house covers a large area, and/or depending on the make up or construction of your house, you may consider upgrading to a package with a Total Home Wi-Fi guarantee to improve signal range. 

Do I need to be there on the day of survey and install? 

Someone over the age of 18 will need to be present on the day of installation to agree the route of installation and the end location of the router. 

How long does it take before the service is live? 

Your service will be live on the day of your installation. An engineer will ensure this before leaving your property by performing a speed test from one of your devices. They will also show you how to connect your router and where to find your password. 

Do I need to pay for my installation? 

Standard installations are free. 

Will you remove my previous broadband equipment? 

No, we do not remove equipment supplied by previous provider. 

When it comes to switching we’re fibrefast!

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