At Fibrus we strive to make a positive difference to our People, Planet and Communities.

Fibrus is on a mission to bring Full Fibre broadband to digitally deprived and previously underserved areas of Northern Ireland and Great Britain. Our vision is to provide the cleanest and greenest Fibrefast communication network – read more about our Carbon Action Plan 2023.

In just three years, we have connected over 250,000 homes across Northern Ireland and Great Britian, with the goal of reaching one million by 2026. By working together we can help make green choices, creating a positive impact on our environment, contributing to community wellbeing, and being a responsible neighbour. 

Together, we can leave a lasting environmental legacy for future generations! 

Sustainability Goals:



We’re stiving to be a Net-Zero company by 2040.


Electric Fleet

100% Electric Fleet by 2025.



Maintain our ISO14001 Accreditation awarded in 2022.

What does a Green Network mean?

Full Fibre

Full Fibre network cables have some definite advantages over copper cables, including greater bandwidth, faster speeds, longer distances, and better reliability. Unlike copper broadband, fibre uses sustainable materials, leaves a smaller carbon footprint, and reduces waste and pollution



How do we use Greener Energy?

  • We use green energy to power our network and offices via the use of REGO Certs which confirm that electricity used by Fibrus in NI comes from Brockaghboy wind farm in Co. Londonderry.  
  • We also intend to install Solar Panels in our Dargan office (Belfast) in order to generate up to a quarter of office energy





What steps are we taking to grow a Green Fleet?

  • We are committed to having a 100% Electric Vehicle fleet by 2025. As of September 2023, over 1/3 of our fleet is electric.   
  • For all colleagues with company EVs, we provide home charging points. We also have lightning quick EV chargers at our office in Belfast.  


What communities do we serve?

Fibrus has a Charity Committee that supports a different charity organisation each year. As of September 2023, we are on track to donate our target of £20,000 to the Air Ambulance NI 

Fibrus Play it Forward  provides funding of up to £1,000 to support grassroots sports in across Northern Ireland and Cumbria.





What we’re doing to promote a Sustainability Mindset?

In 2023, we embarked on a pilot project to introduce 150 employees and partners to Carbon Literacy Training.   

To improve biodiversity we are also developing a pollinator initiative that will include restoration, habitat creation, community engagement and pollinator training, our target is to engage 450 participants in this 3-year programme.  


Exploring the Sustainability Supply Chain  

Fibrus poles are sourced from sustainable forests and our pole suppliers work with local timber harvester firms to ensure the trees that are felled cause minimum damage to the forest and surrounding environment. 


When it comes to switching we’re fibrefast!

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