Total Home Wi-fi Guarantee

What equipment is included with the Total Home Wi-Fi Guarantee?

Total Home Wi-Fi comes included in Full Fibre 300, Full Fibre 500, Full Fibre 1000 & Full Fibre 2000 products only. Two eero routers are included as standard for a Full Fibre package with Total Home Wi-Fi.  

  • Full Fibre 300 with Total Home Wi-Fi includes two eero 6+ routers.  
  • Full Fibre 500 with Total Home Wi-Fi includes two eero 6+ routers.  
  • Full Fibre 1000 with Total Home Wi-Fi includes 2 eero Pro6E routers. 
  • Full Fibre 2000 with Total Home Wi-Fi includes 2 eero Pro6E routers. 

How can I qualify for the guarantee?

To qualify for Total Home Wi-Fi guarantee, your home must fall within the following parameters:

  • Up to five bedrooms and three reception rooms.
  • No basements, cellars or below street level rooms.
  • Applies to the main dwelling only, no outbuildings, sheds, or garden rooms and no structural changes to the home since service purchased.
  • The home is not more than 3000 square feet.

The guarantee is subject to any other reasonable parameters notified by us from time to time.

The customer must agree to a technical home visit from a Fibrus engineer if they are required to optimise the Wi-Fi service, and must agree to provide reasonable information requested by us and follow reasonable instructions given by us relating to Total Home Wi-Fi.

What does Total Home Wi-Fi guarantee?

Total Home Wi-Fi guarantees at least 10Mbps download speed in every eligible room. To achieve this the customer must agree to troubleshooting and support from Fibrus to optimise the eero router placement and speed.

If 10Mbps cannot be achieved in every eligible room, following Fibrus troubleshooting, then Fibrus will provide up to a maximum of one additional eero free of charge (the same eero device as the Full Fibre package).

If the customer has three eero routers and cannot achieve 10Mbps in every eligible room, they must agree to an engineer visit to optimise the router and service.

If 10Mbps cannot be achieved in every eligible room after an additional eero router, troubleshooting and an engineer visit, then the customer can cancel the contract 30 days after the last service contact, without attracting any early contract termination fees.

No monetary compensation is available and no more than three routers are provided as part of the Total Home Wi-Fi guarantee; however, customers can buy additional routers.

eero Mobile App

For convenience and control, manage your Fibrus Full Fibre broadband via the eero mobile app.

The following features are available directly on your smartphone.

Mobile App set up

When first opening the eero mobile app, you will be prompted to create an eero account through a guided setup process.

  1. Open the eero mobile app and tap the ‘New to eero?’ button.
  2. Log in with your existing Amazon account or create a new eero account with your email or phone.
  3. If creating a new account, enter in the verification code sent via SMS or email.
  4. Create an account.

Make sure you have the following to get started: A smartphone with a data connection, the eero mobile app and at least one eero router. For full details about your installation please click here.

If you do not have a smartphone the installation engineer will use an alternative set up method.

Create Profiles

With this feature, customers using the eero mobile app can create profiles for members of the household, and associate specific devices to each profile.  This benefits the customer by personalising their Wi-Fi experience and allows for monitoring network data usage by profile.

Set up guest networks

Creating guest networks allows customers to have guests access their home Wi-Fi, while protecting their network security. Once the customer has created a guest network with a unique name and password, the details can be easily shared: Share Wi-Fi Details or Share QR code (below step 3).

Parental Controls – Wi-Fi pauses

Customers can use their mobile app to schedule Wi-Fi pauses on user profiles or on specific devices.  This can build healthier Wi-Fi habits and help you focus on important tasks.

Parental Controls – content filters & Ad blocking

Fibrus Full Fibre comes with eero Secure capabilities included for free. This allows you to apply content filters based on age range to block inappropriate content for any member of your family. You also can block specific sites, like YouTube, by a user profile.

eero Secure also provides ad blocking and advanced security capabilities to prevent malicious content, phishing, or other nasties.

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