Phone line & VOIP

Most modern handsets will work with our phone service. To connect your phone, it must be plugged into the Fibrus router using the adapter provided and be VoIP compatible. If in doubt, please refer to the manufacturer.

If you wish to retain your current phone number from your previous provider, please make sure your phone line is active during the switching process and that the details you provide us match the details of your previous provider (same name, address, postcode). Number porting takes 7-12 working days once broadband has been installed.

Also please do not cancel your previous providers service until we have confirmed your number has been transferred. You may be sent a Letter of Authority (LOA), which should be electronically returned and signed. This grants us permission to switch your telephone number to Fibrus. 

If you have a static IP and are using your own router you will need to use a dedicated VoIP phone. We recommend a YEALINK W60P Cordless Phone.


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