What is business broadband?

All Fibrus broadband connections are Full Fibre connections that go directly to your business and are not shared with other premises in the area.  It is known as FTTP – ‘Fibre To The Premises’. The connection provides always-on access to the internet, with unlimited upload and downloads.

What is the difference between business and residential broadband?

Fibrus business broadband comes as a bundle that provides enhanced service levels, offering your business reassurance that when you need connectivity it will be there. The Business Pro bundle delivers a superior level of support compared to our competitors, providing responses to logged faults within 4 hours, and a guaranteed fault-resolution within 24 hours on a 24/7 basis.

For businesses that need to go the extra mile for service, our flagship Business Max bundle provides a response to logged faults within 2 hours and a 12-hour resolution guarantee on a 24/7 basis. Bundled with 3 WIFI boosters and our Digital Anytime Voice, this provides a complete suite of broadband, phone and WIFI services you can rely on.

To report a fault outside customer service contact hours please email [email protected]. In the unlikely event Fibrus does not meet the fault resolution target customers can use the customer service compensation scheme.

When it comes to switching we’re fibrefast!

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