What speeds does Fibrus offer?

Fibrus business broadband products offer asymmetric bandwidth with download speeds up to 900Mb/s and upload speeds up to 300Mb/s. The best speed performance will be achieved by connecting to your Fibrus hub with an ethernet cable. This is the most reliable method of connecting to the internet as it removes the possibility of WIFI interference.

What factors can impact my broadband speed?

Full Fibre speeds can sometimes be affected by:

How you use your broadband. Broadband speed is shared with every device connected to your Hub. So, if four devices are using the internet at the same time, they will each get roughly a quarter of the available speed. Streaming (for example video conferencing) and sharing large files uses more of your bandwidth.

How your broadband is set up. Where your router is placed in your premises can affect your broadband speed. See our tips below to improve the location of your hub.

Your premises. If your premises covers a large space your WIFI signal may be struggling to reach all areas. For these locations, we recommend upgrading to our Business Max bundle that includes 3 WIFI Boosters

Your devices. If you have got an old computer, laptop, mobile phone, or other devices more than three years old, they might be slower because they’re having trouble running the latest software and programs.

How can I improve my WIFI signal?

  1. Try and put your WIFI Booster near to where you use the internet most, the further you are from the hub, the weaker your signal will be. If you can eliminate even one wall between your workspace and the hub, you can drastically improve performance.
  2. Keep your WIFI Booster on show, avoid hiding it in a cupboard or on the ground where the WIFI signal will be obstructed.
  3. Keep your WIFI Booster away from walls and surrounded by open air to avoid it overheating.
  4. Try and position the WIFI Booster in the centre of your premises to reduce the number of walls slowing down the signal.
  5. It can help to elevate your WIFI booster by mounting it on a wall or on a top shelf to get a better signal.
  6. Disconnect devices you are not using.
  7. If your premises covers a large space, your WIFI signal may be struggling to reach all areas of your premises. You may want to discuss options to improve your WIFI coverage with one of our business sales advisors on 028 9099 4060 or [email protected]

What is WIFI booster and how does it work?

A WIFI Booster is available as an add-on to the Business Core products or included as part of the Business Pro and Business Max bundles. Fibrus use the Nokia Beacon 1.1 as our WIFI Booster as this is designed to work seamlessly with the Nokia router.

Your WIFI signal may be struggling to reach all the areas of your business premises due to range or other devices interfering with your signal. To help fix this you can use a WIFI Booster. A WIFI Booster is a device that you can use to boost or extend your wireless signal to problem areas where the signal is low. It works by pulling the existing wireless signal from router, amplifying it, then re-broadcasting it to create a stronger connection with your wireless devices, like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

How are WIFI boosters set up?

WIFI Boosters should be placed away from your router into areas in your premises where you are struggling to receive signal. After you have ordered one of our boosters, an engineer will come to your premises and install these for you. They will ensure the placement is correct and you are receiving good coverage across your business, whether a café, office, factory or shop.

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