Fix your broadband

There are a few simple checks you can do before getting in touch with us. 

  1. Try restarting your hub by turning it off and on again. Wait for five minutes before powering up again to recheck your connection
  2. Check the lights on your router
    • Make sure they’re on and that there is power to the router. If your lights are flashing, your WIFI is operating as it should be. 
    • Check 2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz lights are on. If they are not, check the WLAN button is switched on. 
  3. Make sure all the cables are untangled and plugged in correctly. Try not to run cables tight or bend them as this can damage the cabling
  4. Try a factory reset. Insert a pin into the reset button and hold for around 15-20 seconds or until all the lights go out. This will reset your router to its factory settings. The reset button can be found at the bottom right of your router near the power switch

If you have tried all the above solutions and are still having issues, please contact our customers services team for support on 028 90993230.

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