Billing and payments

How do I pay for Fibrus services?

Monthly payments are taken via Direct Debit on your monthly payment date and services are paid for in advance. Once you order our service, your Direct Debit Instruction will be set up. Direct debit details include your account number and sort code.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service team on 02890 993230.

Where can I view my bill?

We will email you directly with a copy of each monthly invoice. Your first bill will be received within three days of your service being activated.

When will I receive my first bill?

You will receive your first bill by email within three days of your service being activated. Your second bill will be sent one month after your service has been activated. We will email you two working days before to confirm the amount being collected in advance of your planned Direct Debit collection. All subsequent bills will be due for payment on your confirmed Direct Debit date. Your bill will also include any other services from Fibrus that are live. These charges are billed in advance.

Your customer reference and account details can be found at the top of your bill. If any of the information is incorrect or is due to change, please contact our customer services team on 028 90993230.

Please note a separate email confirmation will be provided regarding the setup of your Direct Debit planned collection date.

Direct debit: how does it work?

We will send you an email confirmation of the Direct Debit set-up for your account and provide notifications of all payments two working days in advance of the money leaving your bank account.

The current collection dates that we offer are the 2nd, 10th, 15th or 28th of each month. Any of these dates may be selected providing the actual invoice date on account is eight days in advance of any planned option.

My Direct Debit payment was unsuccessful. What do I do?

Should the collection fail, our automated Direct Debit Collection Service will try to collect once again up to a maximum of three further times. If the payment still remains outstanding after this process, then please call customer services on 028 90993230 to make a payment by card. This will help prevent the need for any restrictions to usage of the service being applied.

Can I change the date on which my Direct Debit is taken?

Yes. Please contact our customer services team on 028 90993230 to discuss the options available.

How do I change my Direct Debit details?

Please contact our customer services team on 028 90993230 to change your Direct Debit details.

Why is my bill higher than expected?

Your bill may be higher for a few reasons. Your promotion or special offer may have ended, or you may have recently made changes to your services.

When a new or additional service is added to your customer account, this can result in a prorated charge being applied. This is a one-off charge on your account as the new service have been activated after the previous month’s bill being issued. This is how we apply the new charge into the monthly billing cycle and is a one-off charge on your account to facilitate. The associated dates which each subscription covers will always be noted on your monthly invoice provided.

If your special offer or contract is expiring, we will keep you updated to offer the best pricing options available and provide confirmation on what you should expect to pay going forward.

What happens when my contract is due to expire?

If your contract is ending, we will keep you updated to offer the best pricing options available and provide confirmation on what you should expect to pay going forward should you wish not to renew your contract.

Ulster Farmers’ Union discount

The Ulster Farmers’ Union offer is a discount that is available exclusively for members of this organisation. The two offers available for members are: 

  • 25% off the cost of your monthly broadband subscription 
  • Two for one offer – connect two of your premises to our service and your second property’s subscription will be free of charge. The second premise must be registered with LPS and be within 100 metres of the first premise to avail of this offer. 

To avail of this discount, you must provide either a copy of your current years membership card that includes the side which displays your UFU membership number or a scanned copy of an official Ulster Farmers’ Union letter for the current year, must include your UFU membership number.  Your receipt letter for the current year would suffice.

Details of your UFU Membership and a copy of your membership card should be provided at point of sale and forwarded to  [email protected] for this discount to be setup on account. Please ensure all details of your UFU membership is sent to the Billing team before your planned installation date. Our Billing team will need to apply the discount to your account prior to your service being activated. Terms and conditions apply. 

*Please note this discount is only available to residential customers and may not be available alongside other discounts. 

Early termination fees and credit payments

Fibrus early termination fees

Fibrus offers customers different contract lengths depending on the package purchased. The details of your service contract, including the minimum term and charges are set out in your order acceptance email. If you choose to cancel your Fibrus contract during the minimum term, then you are subject to early termination fees calculated as the remainder of the minimum terms rental between the cancellation date and the date the minimum term ends. For full details please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Early termination fees applied by your previous broadband supplier

If you are currently in contract with an existing provider, please contact our sales team on 028 90993230 and select Option 1 to discuss your options.



E-Vouchers are issued 8 weeks after your activation date to all eligible customers. You will receive your E-Voucher by email.

DCMS vouchers

Where your services are provided by Fibrus as part of a government fibre incentive scheme, and the costs of your installation are paid for by the Northern Ireland DCMS voucher scheme, you are required to complete the 2-stage voucher scheme notification and confirmation to DCMS which will enable Fibrus to recover the costs of installation. If you fail to complete the 2 stage DCMS notification and confirmation, Fibrus reserves the right to charge for full installation fibre and services installation fees which otherwise we would have received from the DCMS.

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