What is Digital Voice Anytime?

What is Digital Voice Anytime?

Digital Voice Anytime is a VoIP [Voice over Internet Protocol] phone line that allows you to make and receive calls via your internet connection. This means you no longer need to pay for a separate landline for a phone service. This future-proofs your service so it’s ready for the digital switchover in 2025 when all calls will be made over the internet.

Digital Voice Anytime includes unlimited minutes to UK and Ireland fixed line and mobile phone numbers [standard exclusions apply, please refer to the terms and conditions].

What features does Digital Voice Anytime provide?

  • Unlimited calls to UK fixed line and mobile phones.
  • Unlimited calls to Ireland fixed line and mobile phones.
  • Voicemail service is added to our phone line as standard. To access your messages dial (*20).
  • Withhold number is added to our phone line as standard. To withhold your number dial (*90) followed by the number you are calling.
  • Call diverts: Please contact our Customer Services team on 028 9099 3230 to have this feature set up.

How much does Digital Voice Anytime cost?

If you buy the Business Pro or Business Max bundles, Digital Voice Anytime is included at no extra cost. For Business Core customers, Digital Voice Anytime can be added on to your service for £10 per month excluding VAT. International, premium rate and excluded calls are subject to per-minute charges.

Can I keep my existing telephone number?

Most modern handsets will work with our Fibrus Talk (VoIP) phone service. When you order Fibrus Talk you will receive an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA). This is a small black box with the word Grandstream on its front.

To connect your phone, follow these four steps: 

Once Internet access is available, connect the Grandstream ATA (Model: HT801). The following blue icons listed below indicate, power, internet access and phone registration.

Connect the LAN / Internet interface to the LAN port of any eero (1GB port on both Pro6E and 6+).

Connect the power lead to a suitable power socket. 

Connect the phone to the adapter phone port [large end], plug the other socket [small end] into the green port on the Grandstream ATA. 

If you wish to retain your current phone number from your previous provider, please make sure your phone line is active during the switching process and that the details provided to Fibrus match the details with your previous provider (same name, address, postcode). Number porting takes between 7 and 12 working days from when your broadband has been installed. 

Also, please do not cancel your previous service until Fibrus have confirmed your number has been transferred. You may be sent a Letter of Authority (LOA), which should be electronically returned and signed. This grants us permission to switch your telephone number to Fibrus. 

Why is my phone not ringing?

There are four main reasons why this could happen:

  • Check to ensure the volume for the ringtone is enabled and turned up.
  • Ensure your handset is connected directly to the adapter (step 4 above).
  • Ensure you are using the correct cable that came with the handset .
  • This could be caused by the handset being designed for the old copper network which was powered by the copper line. On modern VoIP systems, the handset must provide power to the ringer from its own power source.

If you have tried all the above solutions and are still having issues, please contact our Customer Services team on 028 9099 3230 for support.

Is the phone service compatible with alarm systems?

Our service is currently not compatible with alarm systems.

Will my phone work if there is a power cut?

No, for VoIP to work there must be a working internet connection on the router. Therefore, in the event of a power cut, your phone line will not work.  However, Fibrus can set up an emergency call-divert in the event of an emergency.

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