Billing & Payments

How do I pay for my Fibrus Service?

Monthly payments are taken via Direct Debit on your monthly payment date and services are paid for in advance. Once you order our service, your Direct Debit Instruction will be set up. Direct Debit details include your account number and sort code.  If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Services team on 028 9099 3230.

Where can I view my bill?

We will email you directly with a copy of each monthly invoice. Your first bill will be received within three days of your service being activated.

When will I receive my first bill?

You will receive your first bill by email within three days of your service being activated.  Your second bill will be sent one month after your service has been activated. We will email you two working days before this to confirm the amount being collected in advance of your planned direct debit collection. All subsequent bills will be due for payment on your confirmed direct debit date.

Your bill will also include any other services from Fibrus that are live. These charges are billed in advance.

Your customer reference and account details can also be found at the top of your bill. If any of the information is incorrect or is due to change, please contact our customer services team on 028 9099 3230.

Please note – a separate email confirmation will be provided regarding the setup of your Direct Debit planned collection date.

Direct Debt – How does it work?

We will send you an email confirmation of the Direct Debit setup for your account and provide notifications of all payments two working days in advance of the money leaving your bank account. The current collection dates that we offer are the 2nd, 10th, 15th or 28th of each month. Any of these dates may be selected providing the actual invoice date on account is eight days in advance of any planned option.

If you are not paying by Direct Debit, then all payments are due within 10 days of your invoice date.

My direct debit payment was unsuccessful. What do I do?

Should the collection fail, our automated Direct Debit Collection Service will try to collect once again, and up to a maximum of three further times. If the payment remains outstanding after this process, then please call Customer Services on 028 9099 3230 to make a payment by card. This will help prevent the need for any restrictions to usage of the service being applied.

Can I change the date on which my direct debit is taken?

Yes. Please contact our Customer Services team on 028 9099 3230 to discuss the options available.

How do I change my direct debit details?

Please contact our Customer Services team on 028 9099 3230 to change your direct debit details. We can also provide help with card payments or arrange to provide you with a payment link to enable any manual payments if required.

Customer service compensation scheme

If we do not resolve your fault within the service level defined in your business bundle. Fibrus will pay one week’s rental credit for each day, or part day, past the target fault resolution time. This is subject to a maximum of 4 days. Full details for claiming your compensation are set out in the terms and conditions.


We are sorry to hear that you are thinking of leaving us. To cancel your contract, please contact our Customer Services team on 028 9099 3230 and select option 3 to speak to our Retentions team.

Please note you can cancel your contract at any time by giving 30 days’ notice. If you cancel this agreement before the minimum period has finished (and not during the cooling off period) cancellation charges will be applied for each month remaining on your package, plus any outstanding charges.

*There is a 14-day cooling off period which begins the day your order is accepted.

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