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Fibrus Sports grant benefits equestrian club for young people with disabilities

2 weeks ago 1 min read

An equestrian centre that provides riding opportunities for people with disabilities has become the latest beneficiary of Fibrus' ‘Play It Forward’ community fund.

An equestrian centre that provides riding opportunities for people with disabilities has become the latest beneficiary of a donation from Fibrus, as part of their ‘Play It Forward’ community fund.

We established the fund last year, offering 50 grants of up to £1,000 for grassroots sports, with the aim of supporting local groups in the areas in which it operates.

Since April 2023, football, Gaelic games, rowing, rugby, hockey, athletics and cricket organisations in Northern Ireland and Cumbria have benefited from the fund as part of our ongoing expansion in these areas.

Clubs working with young people have used the sponsorship money in various ways, including to buy new kits and equipment, as well as to enhance existing facilities. It has also gone towards subsidising training fees.

RDA Causeway and Glens Riding Club, which offers recreational and therapeutic opportunities for young people with disabilities, received £900 for new riding boots.

Gail Wilson Downey, Chair of RDA Causeway and Glens, expressed her gratitude, noting the critical role the fund played in maintaining their standard services.

“We were absolutely delighted to have been accepted for ‘Play It Forward’ funding,” she said.

“We supply the boots for our riders and, as the health and safety regulations had recently changed, if it wasn’t for Fibrus, we would’ve had to have cancelled the rides due to the conditions of the old kit.

“This would have had a significant detrimental effect on our service users, some of whom come every week to train with us, so we are extremely grateful for this generous donation.”

In Northern Ireland, 29 grassroots sports clubs have so far benefitted from the investment, with over 20 more in Cumbria.

Linda McMillan, Chief People Officer at Fibrus, said the purpose of the fund was to support children’s sports projects and initiatives in local communities.

“Investing in our local communities is not just a responsibility, but a core value at Fibrus,” she said.

“Our ‘Play It Forward’ fund demonstrates this commitment, showing our belief in the power of grassroots initiatives.

“By supporting these endeavours, we’re not only enriching lives but also strengthening our society.

Linda added: “We believe in investing in the potential of local communities, and we’re proud to play a role in empowering communities to succeed.”

Fibrus had originally set aside £30k for the initiative but an additional £17k was added to the initial pot after applications exceeded expectations in Spring of 2023. The ‘Play it Forward’ fund will open for applications again later this year.

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