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Counting down the days to Black Friday deals?

2 weeks ago 1 min read

We've released our exclusive Black Friday broadband deals early - and they’re bigger and better than ever before.

Black Friday is THE shopping event that kicks off the holiday shopping season with a bang. While this year it falls on the 24th of November, we couldn’t contain our excitement and have released our exclusive broadband deals early – and they’re bigger and better than ever before. Check them out here.

Take your broadband to the next level  

Make the most of our fibrefast speeds with the Wi–Fi  6 enabled Amazon eero router, and take your online shopping to the next level! Not only will you be able to checkout in a flash, you can connect up to 75 devices around the home, to catch those last-minute sales wherever you are!

Don’t let slow internet hold you back during the biggest shopping event of the year. Boost your broadband experience to Full Fibre now and get your shopping game on with an Amazon gift card on us…you might even catch the live sales in a few weeks to spend it!

Fancy a bargain or simply want to cut down your monthly bills?

Now is the perfect time to make the switch! Whether you’ve recently received a notification about an upcoming price increase or want to make a quick escape before they come running next year, we’ve got your back. Switch now and enjoy fibrefast Full Fibre broadband from £14.99 per month. We might even be able to buy out your existing contract. Plus, unlike some other broadband providers, your savings are secured with our no mid-contract price hike guarantee. No surprises, just fast and reliable broadband. Take a look at our different packages available here.

Answering your Black Friday broadband FAQs

Q. What router do I receive with my Fibrus Broadband?

A. Powered by the award-winning Amazon eero router, our Wi-Fi 6 technology will make your home fibrefast, while other broadband providers only offer Wi-Fi 5 routers, including Sky, Plusnet, Vodafone and BT.

Depending on the speed you choose, you’ll receive one Amazon eero 6+ (for up to 150Mb), two eero 6+ routers (for our 300Mb) or two eero Pro 6E routers (for our 1Gb). Upgrade to Total Home Wi-Fi on our 300Mb or above packages to guarantee Wi-Fi coverage all around your home. No more dead spots, drop-offs, and buffering. Just a connection you can count on!

Q. How to check your broadband speed?

A. To check the speed of your current broadband provider, you can easily run a broadband speed test using a reliable tool like nperf.

Q. Does it cost to switch broadband providers?

A. Depending on who you’re with now, it may cost you to switch broadband providers, but we’ve got your back with our contract buyout option. Plus, there’s no set-up fees or hidden costs when you switch to us.

Q. When to switch broadband providers?

A. If you’re looking for the perfect moment to switch, the answer is simple – right now! Our Black Friday deal is our best deal ever! It’s your chance to make the most of major savings while upgrading your broadband experience. Plus, when you sign up today, you’ll get an Amazon gift card (worth up to £100) to get a head start on your Christmas shopping!

Q. How to switch broadband providers?

A. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

All you need to do is:

  1. Check your postcode for availability.
  2. Select the package that fits your needs.
  3. Enter your details and get connected.

Q. Can you switch broadband before the contract ends?

A. If you’re thinking about moving to Fibrus before your current broadband provider’s contract is up, no sweat. We’ve got a contract buyout option to help make the switch both smooth and wallet friendly. Get in touch with our Sales team today on 02890 993230, and we’ll chat about what works best for you.

Ready to experience Fibre Power with Fibrus Broadband?

Visit our Black Friday broadband deals now to discover how you can save big on Full Fibre broadband. This is our best deal ever, so make the switch today for a better, faster, and more reliable experience with this limited-time offer.

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