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How to choose broadband that’s right for your business.

2 weeks ago 1 min read

A fast and reliable internet connection has become essential to running a business effectively.

A fast and reliable internet connection has become essential to running a business effectively.

Whether you’re emailing, file sharing or taking payments, a fibrefast service can save you time, money and frustration, eliminating the lag downtime and buffering that can hold your business back.

Basically, you need a service that works as hard as you – but how do you choose the best fit?

Firstly, identify your business needs.

What types of internet dependant activities is your business involved in, and how often?

Will they all need to function at the same time?

Full Fibre

Fibre cables are capable of faster connection speeds than copper. Fibrus provide full fibre right to your premises (FTTP) instead of just to your nearest cabinet (FTTC), meaning you get fibrefast speeds direct to your business.

Download speed

Download speeds will be important to most businesses but not all activity require the same speeds. Streaming, downloading large files and video calls need the most download speed. It’s also important to note that more devices using your connection can affect your speed. So, if you offer guest WIFI, for example, you’ll need a connection that supports it.

What’s right for your business broadband usage?

  • Up to 150 Mb – perfect for up to 3 users/devices
  • Up to 300Mb – perfect for up to 5 users/devices
  • Up to 900Mb – perfect forup to 10 users/devices

Upload speed

Uploading is used for sharing files with one or more other users. If you need to share large files, use cloud-based applications, or have regular video calls, upload speeds will be an important consideration for your business. Fibrus offer some of the best broadband upload speeds in the market.

Need more than just a connection? Consider bundling!

You will likely need extras like WIFI boosters and Digital Voice services. These are usually cheaper when included in a bundle, so taking time to consider how important each of them are to how your business works should help you chose between business CORE PRO and MAX packages.

WIFI booster

A WIFI booster helps extend the reach of your wireless signal (WIFI signal). By improving your WIFI coverage, you eliminate dead spots in your premises and improve your speed and connection.

Enhanced SLA

SLAs are a customer support agreement that mean you’ll get the help you need if there’s ever a problem with your connection.

We run our own network, so we’re always in control. That means we won’t outsource any fault management to others. So if you have an issue with your broadband, you can speak to us directly. You’ll always be able to get the answers and help you need from our support team, who are based here in the UK.

Plus, with Fibrus business broadband PRO and MAX options, you can expect prioritised support and faster repairs within guaranteed timescales.

Digital Voice Anytime

Fibrus Business Broadband Pro and Max bundles provide a digital phone line with fully inclusive calls to landlines and mobile phones across the UK and Ireland. This provides all your local and national telephony needs as part of a complete bundle.

Static IP

Fibrus can assign a static IP address that will be dedicated to your broadband service. This can be important if you are running servers or certain equipment that requires a static IP address. If choosing a static IP, it is provided without a modem and will not have the option of ordering digital voice anytime or WIFI boosters.

Price locked in for the contract

Our packages are bundled and priced according to their features and speed. We know the cost pressures businesses are facing, so at Fibrus we are guaranteeing your price will never change for the duration of your contract. In addition, our out-of-contract pricing is the same as the price you pay today, so you can trust our pricing to be inflation busting.

So Fibrus can give you a business broadband that works as hard as you. If you’re ready to sign up or need some guidance, our customer service team are on hand to help guide you through the process.

Contact us on 02890 994060 or [email protected].

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