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Fibrus Hyperfast Broadband has arrived in Rostrevor

We’re guessing your internet speeds are a frustration, or you’re paying over the odds for a service you’re not entirely happy with and are looking at the broadband options available in Rostrevor.

Fibrus is bringing hyperfast full fibre broadband right to the door of your Rostrevor home or business. At Fibrus, we bring full fibre broadband right to your door. We’re a Northern Irish company, who pride ourselves on great value and local customer support.

We’re a Northern Irish company, who pride ourselves on our great value product, local customer support and friendly team.

Join us for our VIRTUAL EVENT on 24th March @7pm to find out more about us!

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Internet for video on demand in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland


Stream HD or 4K TV, watch catch-up services, YouTube videos and live events without buffering

Social media broadband, Rostrevor Northern Ireland


Share user generated content quickly and easily to social media with fast upload speeds

Unrivaled gaming broadband speeds in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland


Download games instantly and smash your competitors with reduced lag time

Internet for remote working in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland


Work from the comfort of your own home with no more interruptions to your connection

Broadband Internet for HD video calling in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland


Keep in contact with colleagues, friends and family around the world, as if they’re in the same room as you

Reliable WiFi in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland


*May require WiFi Boosters depending on the size of your home

Say goodbye to slow broadband!

It’s fair to say your neighbours are going to be jealous with the service you receive from Fibrus. Our hyperfast full fibre broadband delivers an off the charts performance for the whole family. You’ll be able to seamlessly connect multiple devices at once and wave goodbye to lag and buffering, forever.

At last, Dad can watch the football, while mum is listening to Spotify and the kids are watching YouTube or playing Fortnite!

Our residential packages range from 100Mb to 1Gb and you’ll soon wonder how you coped with anything less in Rostrevor.

Faster Business Broadband in Rostrevor

If you are a business in Rostrevor working online doesn’t have to be frustrating. Slow connections and glitchy video calls can be a thing of the past with Fibrus hyperfast full-fibre business broadband.

We bring the fibre right to your premises in Rostrevor, so you can wave goodbye to lag, buffering and slow connections, forever. Our business packages give you the option of 100Mb to 1Gb and you’ll soon wonder how you ran your business without it.

Why Hyperfast Broadband Is A Must for Video on Demand Services like Netflix & Amazon

In order to keep up with the latest boxsets, watch the biggest releases and enjoy live sports and music events from home, having hyperfast broadband is a must. Whether you love to watch the hottest new television series and movies from on demand sites such as Amazon and Netflix, or prefer to watch live streaming from Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitch, here is all you need to know about why having hyperfast broadband is essential to on demand viewing.

Better Quality Content

When it comes to streaming content from sites such as Netflix, it is important to have a broadband connection that can keep up with the demands of downloading and watching the highest quality content. Netflix offers a variety of packages, from basic to premium, but in order to watch their HD 4K content without any buffering, speeds of 25Mbps are a must. Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ pride themselves on being able to deliver a cinematic experience from your sofa, but without a hyperfast broadband connection, viewers will miss out on the ultra HD quality on offer. Netflix will automatically downgrade your viewing experience if it detects a slow broadband speed. This means that the audio and video will be impacted without viewers being able to change it, unless they actively upgrade their broadband connection to a faster speed.

Enjoy More Connections

With so many new TV series and movies to watch, it can be hard to find something the whole family wants to enjoy together. Many big name brand streaming sites will offer packages that include options to watch on multiple different devices simultaneously. However, without a hyperfast broadband connection, viewers can quickly find themselves stuck in the endless cycle of pausing and buffering. In order to avoid this and stream different programmes successfully at the same time, our minimum 100Mb package is equivalent to 4 devices being able to watch 4k Netflix at one time, offering significantly faster streaming speeds, along with less interruptions.

How to Check Broadband Speed

The only way to ensure high quality video and audio content from on demand services is with a hyperfast broadband connection, but how can you check your existing broadband speed? Luckily, sites like Netflix make this very straightforward. Simply log into the Netflix app, select the Settings tab and then click onto the Check your Network option. The app will then run an internal test to check your current speed, however, during the current pandemic this may be as accurate.

Upgrading to hyperfast broadband is the only way to enjoy the best on demand content from multiple devices, and is ideal for families, friends and all those who want to stay ahead of the latest movie and TV show releases.

If you do wish to check you speeds download the NPERF App or visit www.nperf.com.

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