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Fibrus Hyperfast Broadband has arrived in Magherafelt

We’re guessing your internet speeds are a frustration, or you’re paying over the odds for a service you’re not entirely happy with and are looking at the broadband options available in Magherafelt.

Fibrus is bringing hyperfast full fibre broadband right to the door of your Magherafelt home or business. At Fibrus, we bring full fibre broadband right to your door. We’re a Northern Irish company, who pride ourselves on great value and local customer support.

We’re a Northern Irish company, who pride ourselves on our great value product, local customer support and friendly team.

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Internet for video on demand in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland


Stream HD or 4K TV, watch catch-up services, YouTube videos and live events without buffering

Social media broadband, Magherafelt Northern Ireland


Share user generated content quickly and easily to social media with fast upload speeds

Unrivaled gaming broadband speeds in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland


Download games instantly and smash your competitors with reduced lag time

Internet for remote working in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland


Work from the comfort of your own home with no more interruptions to your connection

Broadband Internet for HD video calling in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland


Keep in contact with colleagues, friends and family around the world, as if they’re in the same room as you

Reliable WiFi in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland


*May require WiFi Boosters depending on the size of your home

Say goodbye to slow broadband!

It’s fair to say your neighbours are going to be jealous with the service you receive from Fibrus. Our hyperfast full fibre broadband delivers an off the charts performance for the whole family. You’ll be able to seamlessly connect multiple devices at once and wave goodbye to lag and buffering, forever.

At last, Dad can watch the football, while mum is listening to Spotify and the kids are watching YouTube or playing Fortnite!

Our residential packages range from 100Mb to 1Gb and you’ll soon wonder how you coped with anything less in Magherafelt.

Faster Business Broadband in Magherafelt

If you are a business in Magherafelt working online doesn’t have to be frustrating. Slow connections and glitchy video calls can be a thing of the past with Fibrus hyperfast full-fibre business broadband.

We bring the fibre right to your premises in Magherafelt, so you can wave goodbye to lag, buffering and slow connections, forever. Our business packages give you the option of 100Mb to 1Gb and you’ll soon wonder how you ran your business without it.

What Are The Benefits of Working with a Local Telecoms & Broadband Companies

When choosing your broadband provider, the number of companies offering different deals can be overwhelming. However, choosing a local telecoms and broadband company can be a great way to not only support a local business, but to still maintain the best in hyperfast broadband connection speeds too. Here are just a few reasons why Fibrus are the perfect choice for rural customers in Northern Ireland.

Fast Speeds

With their hyperfast fibre broadband, Fibrus offers one of the fastest connections for rural and regional towns in Northern Ireland, with speeds of 100Mbps up to 1GB. Also, as Fibrus are a local company, they can guarantee that their fibre broadband installation will be uniquely yours, with no other customers sharing the line, which can cause connections to slow down. Fibrus Full Fibre Broadband offers constant hyperfast speeds, perfect for watching on demand video, working from home, HD video calling and an unparalleled gaming experience, Fibrus is one of the fastest connections around.

Great Deals

As a local company, Fibrus is able to offer fantastic deals when it comes to hyperfast broadband. Whether you are looking for a residential or business connection, Fibrus have the deal for you. Homeowners can enjoy superfast broadband across multiple devices at any time, along with a monthly priced that is fixed for 12 months, for added peace of mind. Businesses can feel secure knowing that their broadband package from Fibrus will provide the fastest broadband speeds to handle everything from video calling to file sharing, emails to downloading invoices, with no glitches or buffering to slow things down. Their engineers will visit your property free of charge, and all their broadband deals come with free activation and installation, so there are no hidden fees either.

Local Service

Having invested over £100m in making superfast broadband accessible to both residential and business properties in rural towns across Northern Ireland, Fibrus is committed to local growth and is passionate about digitally connecting communities across the region. With bespoke packages to suit all different home and business needs, this is a local company with something for everyone. Their Customer Service team is based in Northern Ireland, which means no more frustrating hours being kept on hold or being passed from one customer service representative to another. Their local support team will always be able to answer any question or queries you may have, so why not contact their experts today to find the best hyperfast deal for you.

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