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Ballynahinch Broadband - Fibrus Hyperfast has arrived!

We’re guessing your internet speeds are a frustration, or you’re paying over the odds for a service you’re not entirely happy with and are looking at the broadband options available in Ballynahinch.

Fibrus is bringing hyperfast full fibre broadband right to the door of your Ballynahinch home or business. At Fibrus, we bring full fibre broadband right to your door. We’re a Northern Irish company, who pride ourselves on great value and local customer support.

We’re a Northern Irish company, who pride ourselves on our great value product, local customer support and friendly team.

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Internet for video on demand in Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland


Stream HD or 4K TV, watch catch-up services, YouTube videos and live events without buffering

Social media broadband, Warrenpoint Northern Ireland


Share user generated content quickly and easily to social media with fast upload speeds

Unrivaled gaming broadband speeds in Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland


Download games instantly and smash your competitors with reduced lag time

Internet for remote working in Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland


Work from the comfort of your own home with no more interruptions to your connection

Broadband Internet for HD video calling in Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland


Keep in contact with colleagues, friends and family around the world, as if they’re in the same room as you

Reliable WiFi in Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland


*May require WiFi Boosters depending on the size of your home

Say goodbye to slow broadband!

It’s fair to say your neighbours are going to be jealous with the service you receive from Fibrus. Our hyperfast full fibre broadband delivers an off the charts performance for the whole family. You’ll be able to seamlessly connect multiple devices at once and wave goodbye to lag and buffering, forever.

At last, Dad can watch the football, while mum is listening to Spotify and the kids are watching YouTube or playing Fortnite!

Our residential packages range from 100Mb to 1Gb and you’ll soon wonder how you coped with anything less in Ballynahinch.

Faster Business Broadband in Ballynahinch

If you are a business in Ballynahinch working online doesn’t have to be frustrating. Slow connections and glitchy video calls can be a thing of the past with Fibrus hyperfast full-fibre business broadband.

We bring the fibre right to your premises in Ballynahinch, so you can wave goodbye to lag, buffering and slow connections, forever. Our business packages give you the option of 100Mb to 1Gb and you’ll soon wonder how you ran your business without it.

Why Slow Upload & Download Speeds Must be Avoided For Serious & Casual Social Media Users

Whether you are a full time influencer, or love to log in to social media to keep up with current events, having fast download speeds is a must. Endless buffering and delayed upload times can be frustrating and easily lose you followers if your posts take too long to appear online. Here are all the reasons why both serious and casual social media users need fast broadband speeds.

Share with Ease

Social media is all about connecting with other users and posting regularly to build brand visibility and establish a platform. Even for those who use social media on a more casual basis, being able to upload content quickly and easily is important to keep up with family and friends too. A faster download speed will not only help photos to upload faster to sites such as Facebook and Instagram, but it will also mean sharing bigger video files will be seamless too. As social media continues to grow and expand, so do the options for sharing a variety of different video content. Platforms such as Instagram allow users to add to their Stories, Reels and even upload episode length content thanks to its own IG TV. Uploading no longer means just adding one or two photos to a grid, so it is important to be able to share large video files, with added music and animated content such as stickers and filters, without stuttering or annoying buffering delays. Sites such as TikTok let users upload complex edits too, so it looks as if social media will only continue to grow and expand when it comes to the huge array of visual content users can now upload, making having a faster broadband speed more important than ever.

Enjoy Watching Without Delays

Just as it is important to be able to upload multiple streams of content to different social media platforms on a frequent basis, being able to watch content made by other influencers, friends and family is equally key. YouTube used to dominate the industry when it came to users uploading independent content, but with the explosion and expansion of other social media platforms, being able to stream and watch clips, videos and even shop online via social media continues to be vital for many users. Using a hyperfast fast broadband connection speed means users can enjoy content from various social media platforms and keep up with the latest trends and news from around the world. As most users consume social media through devices such as mobile phones and tablets, having a faster download speed means these devices can stream high quality content seamlessly, with no irritating loading times or delays in downloads.

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