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6 Movies to watch this Halloween

2 weeks ago 1 min read

To get you in the spirit, we're dying to share our top 6 Halloween movie picks with you

Get into the Halloween spirit with our top movie picks 

The crisp autumn air, the rustling of leaves, and the distant howls of the wind can only mean one thing – it’s spooky season. To get you in the spirit, we’re dying to share our top 6 Halloween movie picks with you. But first, let’s dive into the haunting horrors of what other broadband providers may put you through this Halloween. 

The last thing you need is a streaming nightmare, terrifying price hikes, or dead spots. But fear not, we’ve brewed up something special to make your Halloween extra sweet –fibrefast speeds, a total home Wi-Fi guarantee, no hidden costs, no mid-contract price hikes and a buyout option available if you’re stuck in contract. Plus, we’re easy on your wallet, which is especially important this time of the year. No tricks, just treats!

Switching is simple, not scary 

Just enter your postcode, choose your package and switch online. Or alternatively, reach out to our switch experts at 028 9099 3230 to get one step closer to seamless streaming without any ghostly interruptions!   

Lights, camera, horror 

Now, back to the main event – the movies. We’ve dug out some killer options, from family-friendly classics to terrifying thrillers, we’ve got your Halloween movie marathon covered!

Family-friendly classics (Top 3)*

  1. Scooby-Doo sequel (PG)
    Join the Mystery Inc. gang as they reunite on Spooky Island, where strange happenings turn a fun adventure into a mystery they must solve together.
  2. The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG)
    Jack Skellington, Halloween Town’s pumpkin king, discovers a new world – Christmas Town. His quest to bring Christmas to his home creates delightful chaos.
  3. Beetlejuice (15)
    Adam and Barbara, a not-so-average deceased couple, turn to the quirky “bio-exorcist” beetlejuice to deal with their unwanted houseguests.  

Adult classics (Top 3)* 

  1. The Shining (18)
    Jack Torrance becomes the off-season caretaker of an eerie hotel, but as winter sets in, his descent into madness threatens his family’s safety. Room 237 holds secrets that could cost them everything.
  2. Scream (18)
    A terrifying caller plays a deadly game with Tara, forcing her to confront her worst fears. With the return of Ghostface, old secrets resurface, and new victims are targeted. Who is behind the mask?
  3. A Nightmare on Elm Street (18)
    A vengeful entity haunts the dreams of young adults, seeking retribution for the sins of their past. As Freddy Kruger’s nightmarish reign unfolds, survival becomes a waking nightmare. 

Don’t be left in the dark this Halloween – join us on the brighter side! With our fast and reliable Full Fibre broadband, you can stream these spooktacular movies without a single interruption. So, why not save some money and treat yourself to one of our scarily great deals?  

*Check availability with our Postcode Checker to get started now. 

*Film Classification as shown on BBFC (October, 2023). 
*Film descriptions are sourced from IMDb website (October, 2023). 
*T&Cs apply, subject to availability. 

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