We are truly open access. Our model allows multiple carriers and service providers access to our fibre infrastructure on a purely wholesale basis. Services include managed ethernet, dark fibre, duct and sub duct and fibre to the premises.


We do not compete for customers. We provide service providers with a real alternative pure fibre network to deliver the bandwidth and add on services for their customers without restriction.


Partnerships are the key that drives our business. Our partners include network integrators, ISPs, data centres, the mobile networks and telecoms resellers.


The digital future of our society cannot be left to the incumbents. We are proud to be part of the alternative networks movement that is investing in future proof digital infrastructure for businesses and consumers that are most in need.


Fibrus is an open access network operator that invests and operates pure fibre digital infrastructure in Northern Ireland.

The journey has just begun for our organisation and we’ve pulled together the expertise required to provide a real wholesale communication network for service providers to offer their customers. Long lasting partnerships are key to our success so we are keen to work with all stakeholders to drive forward our investment in the areas with a lack of coverage.


We are committed to provide the market a real alternative network. We commit to:
  • Implementing and managing cost-effective fibre network connections, open to all operators on an equal basis.
  • Offering the highest standard of network build and management of fibre passive and active network.
  • Increasing the addressable market for fibre network and services within the areas of high demand.
  • Providing a professional service to our partners backed off with high availability service level agreements.
  • Making it easier for carriers and service providers to deliver high performance connectivity solutions to more customers.


Fibrus Ltd
Boucher Business Studios
Glenmachan Place
BT12 6QH
Northern Ireland
028 9099 3230


Press Release - Fibre To Transform Communication Infrastructure In NI

Today sees the launch of Fibrus, a new telecommunications network operator formed as part of a joint venture between rapidly growing Belfast based telecoms and technology group b4b and Conal Henry, a Belfast born entrepreneur who recently led telecoms company enet to pole position in Ireland’s National Broadband Plan and to it being acquired by the Ireland Infrastructure Fund in a €200m deal.

b4b networks Delivers Gigabit Connectivity to NDDO under GbVS

NDDO is now Gigabit broadband enabled thanks to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Gigabit Voucher Scheme (GbVS).

Leading from the fore to future proof local businesses for the next generation of connectivity, the organisation reached out to its tenants encouraging them to apply for the £3000 grant to bring gigabit enabled fibre to all the premises in the park.

As a registered supplier of the GbVS, b4b networks Ltd a brand-new fibre to the premises (FTTP) network and connectivity to all premises in the enterprise park.

Businesses pooled their vouchers to make this project commercially viable and available to all tenants.

Fibrus is an open access network operator that invests and operates pure fibre digital infrastructure in Northern Ireland.


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